Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Devil worshipper?

In 1976 Pukul Pelaga was accused to be satan worshippers by members of one silat style. They claimed to have proof, but up to now have not furnished any.

In 2006 the claim was Pukul Pelaga worship Iblis or Lucifer. Again no proof was submitted.

The result was many young and mature people avoided Pukul Pelaga. This is one of the reasons why the membership in Negeri Sembilan, and maybe to a certain extent other states where the other style has many members, is still small.

Compared to other silat schools Pukul Pelaga has no initiation rituals, and other compulsory meditation with incantation activities. The stress is on performing one's duties to God, and respecting other people. Is that devil worshipping?

There were members who continued to practice or do things which they learnt somewhere else. This does not mean that their practices were an integral part of Pukul Pelaga.

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