Saturday, November 14, 2009

400 Corak Tempur

The rough translation is '400 Fighting Styles/Pattern'.

One of the reasons why a Pelaga is not easy to be defeated in a real situation, or in a fair tournament, is his or her ability to change the fight pattern. This makes it difficult for the opponent to guess the next move. Of course this depends on the level of training and understanding reached.

Pukul Pelaga is a system where every member has to learn the same basics whether in practice or in theory. After that they are exposed to self-development, where each individual is encouraged to develop his/her own fighting method. We are not the same in terms of physical size and mental setup. Naturally there will be moves which mimic certain animals, and moves which resemble certain human characteristics.

This book is about the possible fighting styles which can be derived from Pukul Pelaga. Because of that each style is given its main characteristics, strength, and weaknesses. Note that most martial practitioners never talk about the weaknesses of their respective styles.

I stopped at 400 because there were other things which needed to be done. Furthermore discussing about them is enough to give an idea on what Pukul Pelaga actually is.

The knowledge on the fighting styles was hinted to me by my guru. and later on confirmed by the second Grandmaster, Ismail Ahmad.

On the accusation that I copied from other books, I put these questions forward.
1) How many books are there in the market? There are many, but the majority talk about the same thing.
2) Do I have the money to purchase all of them?
3) Do I have the time to study more than 400 fighting styles, and giving an analysis on the strengths and weaknesses?

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