Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pecahan Buah

'Pecahan Buah' can roughly be translated as 'The Sub-division.Sub-variation of Counter Attack Techniques.

Due to the differences in human size, capabilities including speed, and mental attitude, Pukul Pelaga recognises the fact that most, if not all, counter attack techniques need to have an open ending. Not many, if any, techniques are suitable for everybody. What is inside the training area is usually different from what can be found in real life.

The concept of variations in a counter attack has been part of Pukul Pelaga since its inception, more than 70 years ago. As such each counter attack has more than 7 variation to its ending.

The book that I illustrated in relation to this may be sufficient for serious martial art practitioners to understand the concept. Many silat master/guru/instructor talk about variations, but they are incapable of explaining how this can be carried out. Possibly not wanting to be seen out dated, they claim to have the same concept, but ask their students to think about it.

Pukul Pelaga gives guidance on how to go about it. That was one of the reasons why I was able to do the illustrations. Imagine illustrations on how one basic counter attack move can be divided into more than 50 variations. Imagine the same principle being applied to all other basic moves. This is the reality of Pukul Pelaga.

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