Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Unbeliever changed his opinion

There was one Malay who did not believe that silat can be a potent fighting or self defense system. He made this conclusion after observing many silat practitioners not applying their silat moves when fighting in the outside world. This was true even for members of well known silat styles.

When his friends invited him to join Pukul Pelaga, he was reluctant. He had also heard that Pukul Pelaga was an inferior self defense system. Nevertheless he decided to join for his friends' sake. Even though sceptical, he was prepared to see how far Pukul Pelaga can go.

Initially he felt that Pukul Pelaga was the same as the others. His opinion on Pukul Pelaga started changing when he realised that a true Pelaga does not change his or her fighting methods when fighting in the outside world.

A few years later, in December 1999, an incident occurred, convincing him on the effectiveness of Pukul Pelaga. The day that he had to defend himself against about 40 attackers shall be related in the future.

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