Monday, November 23, 2009

Out in the open

Pukul Pelaga used to be taught not in the open. The fear was that the secrets will be stolen or given to other silat practitioners more interested in self-glorification. The main disadvantage was that without exposure, not many people knew about Pukul Pelaga.

Things started changing in the early 1970's. At that time the seconf Grandmaster, Ismail Ahmad, was also teaching Silat Sunting, of which he was instrumental in introducing changes to make it a more potent self defence system. The introduced techniques were taken from Pukul Pelaga. This intrigued several of his students. They pestered him to teach them Pukul Pelaga. Initially he was reluctant, but finally he relented.

Once out, there was nothing to stop it. My guru expanded the move by opening two training centres. As for me, I can be considered as the one where many secrets of Pukul Pelaga passed through. My intention was to show to the others the differences between Pukul Pelaga and many silat styles. Unfortunately many silat practitioners from other styles copied or stole the techniques, integrated them into their system, claimed that the techniques were their original moves, and many claimed that Pukul Pelaga copied from them.

What was feared, happened as expected. Since Pukul Pelaga is not a household name, many people believe the accusers. I believe that God will eventually expose the truth.

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