Monday, November 23, 2009

Sample: Front Kick

Years ago when Pukul Pelaga was still relatively unknown all silat styles knew or realised only one or two aspects of the Front Kick. It was fine because almost every silat practitioner were using the Snap Front Kick version. Then came the exposure of Pukul Pelaga.

As stated before Pukul Pelaga stresses on the basics, or more accurately on the building blocks in building a martial art system. As a result for the Front Kick alone Pukul Pelaga has identfied more than 500 aspects related to it. This means that it will take more than a few days to understand, familiarise, and becoming proficient in all the aspects.

It is true that silat exponents do not use all techniques. The more a Pelaga understands, the better he or she is in adapting to different circumstances. It helps the Pelaga to understand what works and what does not in a particular situation.

By the way Mawi and many members and ex-members of Pukul Pelaga have not reached this level of understanding.

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