Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mawi did not complete his basic training

That is the plain truth. As such he is not in a strong position to say that Pukul Pelaga has many weaknesses.

As has been explained before this, there are many facets to Pukul Pelaga. Mawi's training session was once a week. Imagine how hard it is to complete even half of the necessary basics in Pukul Pelaga.

It is not my intention to potray him as a bad person. I feel that it is necessary to have the views of someone who have met him and his school mates, and pointed to them the finer aspects of Pukul Pelaga. Otherwise there will be people taking his words as accurate, partly because he is a well known celebrity in the country. In fact I will not be surprised if there are silat practitioners who use his words to bury Pukul Pelaga.

A Pelaga who has completed and understood the basics would not utter similar words. In fact he or she will be able to adapt to different styles without any or much difficulty. I believe he said those words after becoming an actor in a martial art production.

He is not to be completely blamed. His master was at that time busy with additional responsibilities. As a result Mawi and his training friends were left on their own, without proper guidance.

His case is not unique. There are many martial art practitioners who think they know everything. Several even go against their masters because they feel they have reached a higher status.


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