Saturday, November 14, 2009

168 Kick Techniques

Due to the nature of all silat schools except for Pukul Pelaga, there were not many leg and foot techniques in silat. For wxample the low and wide stance adopted by them simply means it was impractical for them to execute many kick techniques. Furthermore they all rely on supernatural powers, making the use of physical techniques redundant.

Pukul Pelaga stresses on the use of physical and mental strength. Even though beginners are not encouraged to use kick techniques, there is no limitation set on their use and development. As a result there are more than 168 techniques including variants and combinations. There are low and high kicks, sweeps and leaps.

Examples are Tendangan Ayam (Chicken Kick, 1976), Tendangan Spring (Spring Kick, 1983), and Tendangan Pari (Stingray Kick, 1992).

Tendangan Ayam has been widely copied. One organisation used the same name when thy first started usng it in 1992. Later on they changed it to Tendangan Tanpa Bayang (Shadowless/ Invisible Kick). This silat system is based on the tiger and the eagle. Yet three months after Tendangan Pari was introduced to Pelaga of Sekolah Menengah Senawang they began using the same technique wth the same name. Funny how a tiger and an eagle can produce a stingray. There was a 'spy'.

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"Pelaga" Dagang said...

One Tendangan Ayam with correct move can make your opponent deadly injured. This kind of kick is my favourite.