Saturday, December 3, 2011

I was sick

It has been a long time since the last time I updated this blog. My apologies to those who had been waiting for any update.

I was physically ill.

According to several people, including an imam of a mosque, a group of silat practitioners from various schools used sorcery or witchcraft to incapacitate me, so that I will not be able to be active in whatever way in silat.

It is by the grace of Allah that I am able to type this, albeit at a slow speed.

God willing, I will continue on writing.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Know your strengths

Do you know what your strengths really are? When was the last time you spent some time pondering about it.

They may not exactly the same as what you are currently thinking of, or what you desire. The majority of silat practitioners seem to think that they are strong, skillful, agile, fast, and able to defeat most, if not all, opponents. Unfortunately they do not take their training seriously because they think that they are good. I have to say this even if other silat practitioners hate me for this, these silat exponents rely on other forms of training to make them invincible.

Back to the main issue, knowing personal strengths. There are several questions which should be pondered on.

1) Have you really fought with someone from a different style in a no rules fight? It may be a friendly sparring session but there is no time limit, no four-strikes limitation.

2) Have you ever fought in a serious situation in a one to one situation?

3) Have you ever fought against many opponents from different martial arts styles?

In each of the above and if the answer is yes, did you use the fighting principles of your style? Or did you use a different fighting method?

Naturally there are other questions, but then I will be exposing everything without getting any recognition for my efforts. As it is the basics in the green book have been absorbed into many gelanggang, and no mention of Pukul Pelaga was made.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Compass Points

Using the compass points as a point of reference was totally alien to silat except to Pukul Pelaga. This does not stop many silat practitioners from various styles to claim that the Compass Points are an integral part of their respective system, because they have taken the concept as theirs. I have always said that there is nothing wrong in taking or copying from other people, but denying doing so is not the way of a warrior. It is even worse when they claim to be protecting the religion.

Mata Angin is a concept of direction. In 1976 several Cimande practitioners, including the instructor, lost to Pukul Pelaga because they had never met this concept. Before that they were quite proud, saying that they could beat Pukul Pelaga at any time of the day. They even said there were invicible defence positions. In a sparring match infront of the grandmaster who came all the way to Seremban from Banting, the instructor used one such defence position. Using Mata Angin I nullified his most likely move, and touched his sternum at the same time. It was after that night there were greater efforts by Cimande practitioners to prise away Pukul Pelaga's secrets.

Nowadays many silat practitioners use the same basic concept. Nevertheless from what I have seen so far they seem not to understand the full concept.