Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pukul Pelaga Tahap 1

This is a manual on the basics of Pukul Pelaga. 'Tahap 1' can be translated as Proficiency 1.

The manual has three levels. The First Level can be completed in 8 weeks, but it also depends on the individual. The Second and Third Levels go deeper into Pukul Pelaga, and require a longer time to complete. Most Pelaga know only the training in the First Level, and bits and pieces of the others.

The main difference with other manuals is the focus on the underlying aspects of Pukul Pelaga. Anyone repeatedly reading it will gain some understanding, and will be able to form his or her own system. Add this to the understanding of 400 Corak Tempur (of Pukul Pelaga), and the person can easily brag about his.her prowess in silat. That is why the manual is not to be distributed to the public. Those who understand the contents will be able to understand most martial art systems.

What happened was several Pelaga lost their copies to unknown persons. One traitor gave it to another silat organisation. Several members of this organisation formed another silat school, with similar basic moves as Pukul Pelaga. It may be a coincidence, but there are also pointers indicating otherwise.

Several silat practitioners who were allowed to browse through the manual commented that it is complete. Well, it is not. There are more. Currently I am not prepared to expose them even to members. What the traitors did, and what were stolen, have made me wary, and a little bit paranoid.

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