Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stolen Books

There are 5 main books written by me, specifically for Pukul Pelaga members, which I consider to have been stolen by other silat practitioners. The books were written in Malay, and the title are as follows.

1) 400 Corak Tempur
2) 168 Teknik Tendangan
3) 30 Buah Gelek
4) Pecahan Buah
5) Pukul Pelaga Tahap 1

They are considered stolen because they fell into the hands of certain silat practitioners through devious means. Many ideas and moves have been copied into their school. The sad thing is some of them even dared to make the claim that Pukul Pelaga copied from them.

Why do I say they copied them? The new techniques are similar to the ones that have been in use in Pukul Pelaga, with many being exposed starting from 1976. Most of the other styles were based on a low and wide stance. The techniques copied could only be done properly using a high and narrow stance.

Some of the techniques are simply in contradiction to their original concept. Unfortunately they justified it by saying whatever is in silat is in their system. They might as well say that they own every martial art system in the world.

The loss started earlu 1990's, after I showed my students what I had written. The greatest loss was during the Visit Negeri Sembilan Year. All silat organisations under PESAKA Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus were given a booth and a demonstation slot. Other organisations show cased their weapons. Pukul Pelaga displayed the books, most of them still in manuscript form. Someone took the books part by part, and had them photocopied. When challenged he said I gave him permission to do so. I never did.


Anonymous said...

Pukul Pelaga Tahap 1 ada 1 salinan dlm simpanan saya. insya Allah akan saya jaga sebaik nya.

harimau kumbang

"Pelaga" Dagang said...


This copy you give it to me (Pukul Pelaga Tahap 1), you should give all to keep, so this Pelaga can remains safe..