Monday, November 23, 2009

Silencing Pukul Pelaga

Since the late 1970's there had been efforts made by certain silat groups to silence Pukul Pelaga. They have reasons for doing so, and I have identified one main reason.

They desire to hide the fact that they have changed in order to portray themselves as the greatest. Many silat systems have added new techniques taken or copied from other styles, but those responsible simply refuse to admit it.

Methods used include spreading lies or slandering, twisting sequence of events, abusing the authority given to them, and twisting words to achieve their goal.

In 1976 one master from Gayung Malaysia and living in Port Dickson told his students that Pukul Pelaga are Satan worshippers.

In 1993 I was threatened by several members of Gayung Fatani for voicing out about what I know, and giving out my opinion. Several silat exponents from several other styles had told me to shut up.

In 2006 Pukul Pelaga was accused of worshipping the Fallen Angel, resulting in me losing most of my students because they or their parents believe in the slander.

For the time being Pukul Pelaga is still alive and kicking. Whatever, I believe that the true story should be exposed, and all wrong activities should be pointed out.

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