Saturday, December 5, 2009

1 Pelaga vs 40

The effectiveness of a fighting or self defence system should not be based on winning tournaments. The situation in real life is different, where there are no rules. There have been many cases of Pukul Pelaga members challenged or attacked in the real world. I decided to make the 1 vs 40 incidence as the first narration because it was recorded, and thus can be corroborated.

It happened one Saturday night in December 1999. The Pelaga involved requested anonymity to the general public, so I shall refer him as Tiger.  At that time he was studying at one institution in Pekan, Pahang.

For some reason tudents from Kelantan had an ongoing dispute with students from Negeri Sembilan. Tiger did not want to be involved. Nevertheless the Kelantanese students thought he was the leader of the Negeri Sembilan group, because he was always seen with them, and his quietness gave an air of secrecy.

That night the Kelantanese group wanted to settle the score. They managed to get the Negeri students to go to their dormitory, under the pretext of wanting to discuss something. They were all beaten up.

Tiger was the last person to be summoned by them. He was told to sit on a chair in the middle of the dorm, surrounded by 10 Kelantanese students. Without warning the leader slapped him. He asked for the reason, and received another slap. He asked again. This time he blocked the hand strike, and retaliated. All 10 moved in, but somehow he survived, giving them some lesson which they should have taken to heart.

Unable to beat hin in the dorm, they dragged him to the field. More Kelantanese students joined in.the fight. Initially he was able to strike back, but when there were too many of them, he was only able to make defensive moves.

The fight when on for some time until the Kelantanese leader called it quits. In the morning Tiger reported the incidence to the warden, and the matter was then referred to the police. The police came, and took all of those involved to the station.

Tiger only suffered one bruise on his left arm. He did not want to press any charges, and the Kelantanese students were let off with a warning. The case increased Tiger's trust on Pukul Pelaga.

There are silat practitioners from other groups who refused to accept the story. They also refused to make further enquiries.

Can an incident which was investigated and recorded by the police be regarded as fabricated?

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