Saturday, December 5, 2009

True freestyle

Pukul Pelaga is a true freestyle martial art system. Bear in mind that I am not claiming it is the only one. Nevertheless there is one major difference between Pukul Pelaga and other freestyle systems.

There are many martial art organisations claiming to be based on the freestyle concept. They share the same basic trait, where their members are encouraged to take whatever technique they think is suitable from other martial art systems. There is validity in this argument. There is one downside to this approach. Techniques suited to us may not be relevant to other martial artists. This could be the main reason why the number of freestyle schools is increasing, each taking a different approach to self defense techniques, each having different opinions.

Pukul Pelaga has a different approach. Every Pelaga has to learn the same basics and the theoretical aspects related to them. As a result each Pelaga has his or her own fighting methods, which depend on several variables. This is the main reason why many people failed to understand what Pukul Pelaga really is. Most tend to make a judgment after seeing one or two Pelaga in action. When they see other Pelaga behaving in a different way, they start accusing Pukul Pelaga as filled with inconsistencies.

In essence there is no stereotyping in Pukul Pelaga.

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