Saturday, December 12, 2009

No wrong technique in Pukul Pelaga

In essence Pukul Pelaga recognises the fact that each technique has its value. The word 'wrong' is rarely used for any technique. The focus is on the practicality of a technique in certain situations.

When a correction is made on the moves made by a Pelaga, what would be pointed out are the weaknesses or practicality of the moves in the situation envisioned by the Pelaga.

Why is there no 'wrong' technique?

We have different capabilities, and some of us have physical disabilities. As a result one technique which works well for several people would most probably be impractical for another group of people.

Let us take an example. The Lion style is not suitable for everyone, because of the hard training involved. As long as a Lion Style practitioner knows the limitations, and concentrates on the positive aspects, then he or she can at least defend himself/herself in many situations.