Friday, February 26, 2010

Stolen books - An Indirect Admission?

In late January 2010, one of my students, referred to as Pin, met the founder of one of the latest silat school, who shall be identified her as SF  He was on stand by duty, and had coffee with one of his friends when SF joined him.  His friend is also a friend of SF.

Out of the blue SF told Pin that one of the books that I wrote had fallen into the hands of other silat practitioners.   He said that I asked him to look for Mee (not his full name), and ask him to return the book. 

Pin suspected that SF had a copy of the book, given by Mee to another silat organisation.  His suspicion was based on the way SF talked.  SF was on his way home from silat training, and his  trousers were dirty around the knees.   Years ago it was only Pelaga practitioners who had to do training with the knees on the ground.   In addition to that Pin knew I never asked anyone to look for Mee.  Mee bought a copy, and I gave it to him because he was my student, and with the promise of not showing it to other silat practitioners.  So there was no  question of asking for its return.

When Pin asked further SF changed the topic to football.  It made him wonder, and so do I.




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