Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pelaga Pretenders

According to many silat practitioners Pukul Pelaga has no value in martial arts. Apart from the fact that many Pukul Pelaga's techniques have been copied, consider another fact, that is the existence of people claiming to be qualified as a guru in Pukul Pelaga.

There ist one person who claims that he is teaching Pukul Pelaga. The point is this guy has never learned Pukul Pelaga either formally or informally from someone knowledgeable in Pukul Pelaga. This guy learned two other silat styles which had different fighting philosophy or concept in martal arts. Before that he did come to see me, and one of his nephews became my student for around 6 months. If Pukul Pelaga is worthless like some people claim, why would someone wants to use the name?

There were two ex students of mine who felt that they were, and still are, better than I in matters pertaining to Pukul Pelaga. They even claimed that my guru disowned me, and gave them permission to teach Pukul Pelaga in Negeri Sembilan or anywhere else they like. What they taught was not the way my guru taught me. Yet they had the courage to tell others that I was not recognised as a guru by my guru.

The event that led to this guy's delusion started after I brought him to see my guru. At that time his ego was already inflated. At Kuala Pahang there was something that my guru wanted to dscuss with me. He turned to this guy and said, "You should not be here becase rhis is a matter between guru and guru." This guy stayed about 6 metres away.  

Back home he went to see the other guy and twisted the words by saying that my guru recognised him as a guru, and not me. After that they went all out to discredit me. They opened their own training centre, and claimed that theirs was the real thing. The fact is other silat practitioners do not agree with this.

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