Thursday, March 4, 2010

Traitors in the midst

Pukul Pelaga is a small group, yet there were traitors who had their ego to satisfy, and did not really care what the consequences of their actions would be. There were traitors who joined Pukul Pelaga to extract whatever they could. There were two traitors who exposed all the secrets of Pukul Pelaga to other silat organisations. In this posting I would like to write about these two traitors, since they were the ones who caused maximum damaged to Pukul Pelaga.

It was partly my fault, because I prefer trusting people unless it is known that they are unreliable. So was the case of the two traitors. In fact I was hoping that one of them would become one of my successors, at least in Seremban. As it turned out silat practitioners from another organisation used their mental immaturity to encourage them to give the secrets ofPukul Pelaga to them.

One of them has passed away. The other has been ignored those who pampered his ego after they have received the Tahap 1 book and other secrets.

Guru Rosli said it is my decision on what to do about this matter. His words were witnessed by two other Pelaga. My decision was to still use the traitor mark on them, and disdown them as students. This was because the damage done by them is extremely difficult to repair.

By the way the second traitor is teaching silat and claimed it to be Pukul Pelaga, and claimed that he had the blessings of Guru Rosli. What he is teaching is far from what it should be.

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