Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dewan Perguruan

By now I would not be surprised if there are silat practitioners, especially those from certain organisations, who hate my guts. In fact I was threatened with physical violence if I do stop exposing certain things. Why should they do this if they are really sincere?

Several, and the actual number may be far greater, have questioned my knowledge and understanding in silat. A few even claimed that I am full of got air, and whatever I know about silat was copied from other silat styles.

I do not claim to be the greatest, but I have written several restricted circulation books on silat. After the books were displayed to the public, I was forced to become a member of Dewan Pendekar of PESAKA Negeri Sembilan. That was in 1997, when I was 38 years old. I say forced because I did not want to be a member of Dewan Pendekar. They kept on insisting until I relented.

Roughly translated Dewan Pendekar means Assembly of Warriors. Simce I was the youngest, several other head of silat organisations affiliated with PESAKA Negeri Sembilan wanted to become a member too. One even had the gall to sit together with members of Dewan Pendekar dur/ing meetings and other functions. He is older than I am, and his actions were tolerated. The point I am trying to put forward here is to be elected as a member of Dewan Pendekar a silat practitioner has to fulfill certain requirements. I am not sure what the requirements are but I was seen fit to be one.

Dewan Pendekar has been renamed Dewan Perguruan. I am noy sure how to translate this. The word perguruan is related to the system of learning and teaching. Out of twenty two affiliates, there are only five members of Dewan Perguruan, and I am the vice-chairman.

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