Saturday, April 17, 2010

400 Corak Tempur - A partial list

The idea of Pukul Pelaga having many ways of defending and fighting has created several reactions from those not of Pukul Pelaga. The public exposure started in 1976, and a list of 40 ways or styles, with some explanation, was made public in 1995. A list of 88 wirh more details for each aspect was leaked by one of the traitors.

A partial list is given below. Most of the names used are reflective of each fight or combat pattern. As such there are names which are the same as existing silat schools. Others were not in existence 20 years ago.

001) Tempur Mawar
002) Tempur Harimau
003) Tempur Monyet
004) Tempur Naga
005) Tempur Buaya
006) Tempur Bangau
007) Tempur Kaki
008) Tempur Siku
009) Tempur Ular
010) Tempur Tangan
011) Tempur Langkah Sembilan
012) Tempur Mata Angin
013) Tempur Segi Tiga
014) Tempur Petak
015) Tempur Gerak Rencong
016) Tempur Helang
017) Tempur Pukulan Rencong
018) Tempur Sisip
019) Tempur Mentadak
020) Tempur Rancak
021) Tempur Sendeng
022) Tempur Gelek
023) Tempur Udang
024) Tempur Saraf
025) Tempur Pelangi
026) Tempur Taspak (Tangan)
027) Tempur Zigzag
028) Tempur Bulatan
029) Tempur Merpati
030) Tempur Fatih
031) Tempur Alunan
032) Tempur Kuncian
033) Tempur Humbanan
034) Tempur Jatuhan
035) Tempur Belut
036) Tempur Pepisau
037) Tempur Empat Benda Hak
038) Tempur Gerak Satu
039) Temput Gerak Tigasss
040) Tempur Nazam
041) Tempur Singa
042) Tempur Ayam
043) Tempur Beruang
044) Tempur Elak
045) Tempur Tangkap
046) Tempur Cekak
047) Tempur Libas
048) Tempur Abjad
049) Tempur Tunjang
050) Tempur Sangga Empat
051) Tempur Ikan
052) Tempur Petani
053) Tempur Cakar
054) Tempur Tari
055) Tempur Sepelet
056) Tempur Kekasih
057) Tempur Gerak Kilas
058) Tempue Rentap
059) Tempur Kelawar
060) Tempur Lawal
061) Tempur Lurus
062) Tempue Gerak Pintas

Each of the above style of fighting can stand on its own. It means that they can be formed into separate silat schools.

One of the questions asked was why the necessity? Pukul Pelaga is a system meant for everybody. Nevertheless we are not the same. We tend to choose something which we can relate to.

Due to the various fighting components, it is not easy to fight a Pelaga who learn and understand the concept behnd the existence of these parts, and how they can integrate or separate accordng to the situation.

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