Friday, July 2, 2010

The Forward Roll

Pukul Pelaga's Forward Roll is radically different from traditional forward roll. The majority of silat practitioners use the Tiger Forward Roll, some use the slightly to the side version, while there are others who said that it was not necessary.

When Pukul Pelaga came out into the open, other silat practitioners laughed at us. They said that the technique which we used was dangerous. They said we could break our arm, or even worse our neck.

In reality none of my students ever received any injury. It is more practical. The proof?

Many silat practitioners are now using the same technique. As usual they claimed the technique has always been theirs. Even modern Kalaripayat also uses the same technique, introduced by its teacher in Penang.

One major difference with Pukul Pelaga's Forward Roll is that it is straight to the front, and uses the forearm instead of the hands.

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